Hi everyone, Stevo69 here.

Just come across you site.. and very informative. I in my late 30's and have discovered VB 4 and 5 about 5 years ago after using Quick Basic 4.5 for a number of years. I have no plans to upgrade to further versions (something called (.NET) believe :rolleyes:). I just don't have the time and I'm happy with what VB4 and 5 can do for me!

I write my own little insignificant applications, mostly just for fun, and mostly in Winter, when it's too cold to do anything outdoors.

All my apps are stand-a-lone, like "metric converter-type" programs, various forms of calculators for specific purposes, and I've dabbled in media player. I created a radio station mixing desk with "on-air light", playlists etc (this was a BIG project), but I re-loaded it 2 years later and I'm missing files. Anyway it doesn't work (but still impressive just to look at!) Bugger.

Anyway I've posted my first question in the VB4 /5/6 area. Thanks all!!!!

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