Let me begin by stating that I have very little programming experience but the inquiry that I have requires mostly advice and direction.
I also want to state that I wasn't sure if this was the right section for this thread but it seemed the most closely related therefore I posted this here.

I need to find out what the approximate cost would be to develop a software that is similar to all the office pool challenges found online during the basketball, football or baseball seasons. Although my idea is slightly different, the basic premise is very similar, I need a software that would allow thousands of users to log on to my website, allow those users to make their selections, track those selections, rate and rank each user, organize and store data efficiently for review, etc.

I know that this would be a lengthy project and costs are difficult to assess from just a brief synopsis but any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I also haven't made any previous commitments therefore a relationship could materialize from this.

Thank you in advance for any and all help.


Sounds like you 'll be needing a database, such mysql or something and a server side scripting language to manipulate your data such as php etc.

softward development costs can vary widly depending on the programmer and your location. In my location it might cost from $50.00 per hour up to $100.00 or more per hour. You will have to first develop a detailed design of what you want the program to do and what the screen(s) should look like, including any graphics menus, buttons, etc. The more detailed you get the better off you will be. Once you and the programmer decide on the project the design is pretty much set in stone -- it can not be changed without also re-negotiating the price of the project.

You will want to write a contract that you and the programmer will both sign, and you should have a lawyer in your state or country review it to make sure it meets all legal requirements. One provision of the contract might be that you, not the programmer, retain ownership and all copyrights to the software.