Now the iPod shuffle has five colors, I am wondering which one should I buy for my girl friend as a late valentines-day gift?

The five colors are: pink, green, blue, orange and original silver
I will appreciate all your suggestions!

PS. She doesnt like pink unlike the most young girls

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You'd know better than we what colors she likes... besides it's the thought (and perhaps the item) that counts, color takes a fairly distant third. ;)

If it was for myself, I'd probably get either blue or silver (or black if that was an option), but only due to color preferences :p


Well this is a question for of course, a girl. Which I am...

so I would probably like the blue, black, or silver. (pink is one of my favs... but you already said she didn't like that color.)

anyway... I think she'd like any of them. it's the thought that counts, right?

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