Hello everybody, greetings from Lima, Peru. I have been using computers since early 80s when my father give me an Atari 800XL with 64Kb of RAM :p , basically i used it as a videogame console but i do some basic stuff in one of various versions of Basic, after that i enter to the world of really programming software for computers since the begining 90s, and finally doing website development and website administration since 98.

I use HTML/XHTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript as my development tools, for storing data i prefer to work with MySql but i also work with SQL Server, Access or any Xbase. Relating with website administration i have experience with Apache 2.x webserver and IIS.

I work as a free lance consultant and programmer and find a lot of designers out there who need someone to do the back-end stuff. Nothing better than working from home doing something you love so much.

Back to DaniWeb! It is rare to find a place like this, where so many people talk with each other about technical stuff. This is a great community and I hope to continue here for a long time and wish everyone the best.

By the way sorry if my english is not perfect, its not my native language, but i always try to do my best.

All the best,

Gustavo Cruz

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