hi is there a way to tell if and what net monitoring software is secretly installed on a pc? and is it possible to block it or remove it.

Basically my girlfriend's dad is able to read our windows live messenger conversations (some which can be saucy enough) on her pc using his own pc (he actually admitted it by accident today that he read them) but he keeps his pc locked when he is not using it so she cant find out what particular software he uses.

Would be much appreciated if anyone could help me help her get rid of it and have some privacy.


Try telling him he's a perv and to mind his own business?

If that doesn't work, try using Adaware and scan your rig with various antivirus programs. Also, whenever you're using Windows Live, use task manager to check for odd background processes, or just check now anyway. In the unlikely event that her PC didn't come with her current OS installed, try backing everything up and doing a complete disk format, and tell her to password lock her rig.

Hope that helps... :)