never ?!?

curry houses and indian takeaways here are as common as chinese takeaways and resturants?

and yes by the way...

do you like pizza?


Wow, I don't think I've ever even seen an Indian restaurant! =p Chinese is very popular around here.

yes, love pizza.

are you multiracial?



im not a racist if thats what you mean?

maybe we just get more indian resturants because there are lots of indian people living in the UK.


ah ok i understand now. No, im not i dont think. well, my mum and dad are scottish, im english and my gran is irish, but i dont think that really counts as multiracial.

are you?


Ahem!! i heard people talking about indian food? hmm well they are pretty good when comes to taste but hard to swallow..

@topic - > im not

can you dance?

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