Yes (You read my mind, ive just come back from pizza hut (friends birthday party) and im all full up )

Do you like microsoft?


nope, I have AIM. What is bebo?

You like apple more? Gawd I hate macs so much.. I don't even know how to use that junk! And why the hell do they make everything start with an 'i'?? It's just annoying!

lol.. anyway, do you have vista?


Sort of. I got vista ultimate and hated it so swapped it for win2k3 server lol.

Bebo is a site like myspace or facebook. Its a major one here. You are either a beboer or a myspacer.

And no i hate apple i just hate them less than MS. I used to be the other way around but Vista pushed me over the edge <rant>

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