Hi, folks.

I recently started to get involved in my child's school's Parent Group. I am considering suggesting to the group the use of an online calendar to keep track of activities throughout the year (for example, September 18 is a symphony field trip, January 13 is hot lunch day, May 15 is a walkathon, etc.) .

I am seeking your recommendations for such a calendar if, indeed, one exists with all the desired features:

1) it should be free;

2) it should be editable by several different users;

3) users should be able to mark events private or public. All parents of the school's students will be sent the URL of the calendar, and each month a paper copy of the upcoming month's event calendar will be sent home as part of the monthly newsletter. Private events might be events entered by the fundraiser regarding, say, a walkathon. The Chairman might enter the next meeting of the Parent Group. Such events are not secret, but they are irrelevant to the public viewer, so should not appear on the public view or the paper print-out.

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions.


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This might be what you are looking for.

Thanks for the reply.

Actually, I had signed up for Google Calendar some time ago and then forgotten about it. However, if I recall correctly, I had to sign up for it with my gmail username. If I propose to my group the use of Google Calendar, wouldn’t all users then be compelled to sign up for a gmail account, AND THEN sign up to Google Calendar? I was hoping not to force people into going with a Google, Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc. service. Something else would be my preferred option. I used to have a mycalendar account, which was very slick, but they discontinued that service about a year ago.

Any other options besides Google Calendar?

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