I've been hearing a lot of things (mainly good ... in fact mostly good), about Daniweb, so I finally decided to join ... I'd better not be disappointed now :)

I'm 'twomers'. I'm a third year student studying elec eng. 21. A guy (it's always good to clear that one up - text as means of gender indication is not always foolproof). Erm ... have I left out anything?

Do I know anyone here?

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Welcome to daniweb, I'm new too!
Electrical Engineering.. sweet =)
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> I know you! Hang around here more.
Yeah there are not a lot of people who Joey knows, so you better listen to him. :-)

Welcome to Daniweb.


I've recognised a number of names here from cboard (I migrated from there), alright. I think that's where he knows me from. Thanks for your welcomes.


>I think that's where he knows me from.
And don't forget, you commented on a lot of my entries when I was running a blog at blogger.com.


That's true, but it was cboard where we met first on that cold october night. My car broke down and I was trapped so I knocked on a stranger's door. You not only let me use your phone but gave me some tea too!

Or at least that's how I remember it.


>> Close enough.
I think I made it up :p You really think that happened.

>> Umm ... huh? Am I missing something?
I don't think so. Ask me later. I might make something up - I'm too hungry now.


Welcome to Daniweb! An electrical engineer major, huh? I'll be majoring in EE starting next year.. how do you like it? I don't really know much about it actually..


I love it!! Really. At the moment I'm on work placement which is very interesting. To be honest I've used very little of what I've learnt in the job, but the background knowledge that it gives you certainly helps a lot. You'll surely learn it all. What kind of things are you interested in?

You want a brief description seeing as you don't know anything about it?


Yea, a brief description would help a lot..

I like math, science, and computer science.. In my last year of high school I completed calculus 2, physics 2 c: Mechanics (never took electrical and magnetism), biology 2, and computer science 3 independent student. The only programming language that I have learned is java.. and I like it a lot.. I love programming and technical stuff. I have my A+ certification, and I'm currently a PC Technician. I really wasn't sure what I wanted to major in, but I love programming, math, and science.. Electrical engineering sounded fun, but I'm really not sure what I want to do yet..



Well, I'm currently in third year of a four year degree course. Hmm. How should I do this? Just give you a year on year blow by blow description?

Firstly the course is very mathematically orientated. If, when you start it, you have any difficulties with any mathematical concepts you should definately sort them out ASAP. They're going to come back to haunt you. My first year was basically an introductory year. We covered some subjects which weren't directly related to the course (physics, chemistry and stats), though I must admit they are used somewhat (physics as in mechanics now). Other courses included circuit analysis, telecoms, digital systems ... I can't remember the rest too well. The year in total was interesting, but in relation to the others I've had it was the most boring, IMO. The subjects are to get the students' heads around the concepts. If they were to just get stuck in it wouldn't make any sense. It's always nice to understand why thing A is thing A and not something else.

In second year the subjects we studied started to get much more interesting - more coms subjects, but this year digital communications rather then telecommunications (best subject ever). We also started to get into other subjects which are what most would describe as classical electrical engineering - such as power electronics. However, they still gave us some unnecessary subjects such as mechanical engineering. While I can see why (engineers are meant to have a broad spectrum of skills), it still annoys me - I hate it you see :). We have lots of projects and reports to write (I think I wrote about 200 pages of 12 point times new roman reports in second year in lots of different subjects - mech, digi coms, etc. While it's a pain the experience it give is excellent. It's well worth putting effort into them).

Then in third year we started signal processing subjects. I love them, ASP and DSP. We also did more mech :/ still hate it. We continue with the classical subjects, but even the annoying ones are to do with heat conduction (consider the cooling effects of a processor. How many fins do you really need to keep it within the temperature range etc. That doesn't mean I like it though). We do more subjects, look into more micro and nano electronic technology, limits, uses, benefits, fall backs etc. More projects. More reports. More design. More busy. More labs.

Elec eng is very busy, but if you get into it it is very enjoyable! Really enjoyable. I wouldn't do any other course :)


>> They weren't good enough for you?
Not at all, Prelude :P Maybe migrate isn't a good word. What's the parallel version of migrating? Paragrate? I'm still there, of course. Just in the GD all the time.


>They weren't good enough for you?
Funny, this just reminded me of how I discovered DaniWeb. I saw several mentions of DaniWeb on your eternallyconfuzzled site (which I had seen from CBoard), and I though that if the site's good enough for you, then it's probably good enough for me. :-)

So I'll blame you for my migration from CBoard. :P


I first joined daniweb when looking for help regarding installing Redhat on a server of mine (remember, i used to be called Proliant_fan) that musta been like 2005


I joined in '05 too.. Looking for some help in my first year of computer science.. Now that I look back, I realize that I made some pretty stupid posts back then..:$


>> What do you plan to do after you graduate?
No idea :) I'd love to work in the place I'm working in now. We'll see if I impress them :)

I think I'm addicted already :/ :) I joined ... three days ago. That's pretty late, right?


>> you're addicted too..

I know. I've a feeling that come tuesday I won't have an internet connection .... ARGH! What will I do?

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