i guess i won by forfeit... yay!!!!! lol

And he throws in the towel! Nichito wins the battle. Just look at that smile on his avatar.

That isn't cool......I logged off.Boooooo.........

haha... tell me when ur ready...

hahaha... anyone wants to place a bet?

I bet Nichito loses the same way he lost to me =D

Maravich12 is favored 1 to 0 (oohh, tough odds Nichito), but that doesn't mean he's completely out. Don't miss it! Once in a lifetime event!

heh :D You should be the commentator for every game.

After five minutes I think everyone would be ready to bash my head in. Lol.

I bet Nichito loses the same way he lost to me =D

hey, why don't you publish it in the newspapers too, huh?

i've got feelings too, u know...

thanks anyway for the confidence...

And all can see his rage building. Nichito certainly has the agressiveness and feeling to enter this fight with spirit. Let's get ready to r-r-r-r....................play...chess.

lol...that certainly made the crowd stand up and cheer vigorously...

you should make an application for ESPN "the ocho"... maybe they can make some room for you...

hahaha.. "the ocho". Does that even make it to cable here?

haha... maybe they give you a spot after the dodgeball world tournament... saw that movie?

i love those guys... them and happy madison make my favorite movies...

mmm i love adam sandler too

Click seemed like a funny movie, but then it got all serious.It was better than Happy Gilmore.

that's the thing with new comedy movies... not those raw ones like epic movie or things like those (which i find pretty amusing by the way)... they all bring good messages, like Click i.e., which teaches you not to "FF" (Fast Forward) your life to skip rough times... but to enjoy every moment you can...

Yeah.Does anyone watch those old monty python movies.They were all right, but not as good as the History Of The World.

Mel Brooks peaked with Blazing Saddles. The Holy Grail, a classic.

Just a flesh wound.........Braveheart is where it is at.

No doubt. But Blazing Saddles in its original form is not even close to a movie that could be made today -- so wonderfully un-PC.

All right! We'll give some land to the niggers and the chinks. But we don't want the Irish!

All of the movies nowadys have fallen in love with special effects, and give up on the storyline and good acting.Black Xmas was all right, and it had barely any special effects.Too bad it had that terrible actress for the main storyline.I haven't even seen Blazing Saddles.

The Holy Grail was so funny and so was The Meaning of Life. Those are the only Monty Python movies I've watched. I like the part in the Meaning of Life when the guy is chased off the cliff. (Anybody know what I'm talking about?)