lol, not this game again. :P
This is going round our college atm, and i have seen someone get to question 101 i think then they failed. He was literally kicking himself. Funny to behold. There's a movie of some guy doing it on youtube at an insane speed. :)

On that one you have to right click and then the little menu thing comes up and you cross that.

Thanks buddy.

man... this is soo anoying... i'm tired of starting over... lol... @54

Yeah, I wish you could do it without starting over. And just to let you guys know, if you get to question 110, the last one, you have to use all seven skips to correctly answer the question. I guess I'll give it another shot and try to beat 101.

what does that mean? imean... what do you mean use the seven skips to correctly answer tha question?

BTW... i had to skip the one with the duck... never could findout the right answer... and go tired of starting over... *sighs*

Well, if you have any less than 7 skips you can't answer the last question. If you have all seven you need to use them to answer the question. And the duck you are supposed to click its afro (the only thing a duck just shouldn't have).

what about the one with a bottle of marmite? i've always skipped it, but since you need all seven skips in the end...

The answer is, "But pa might not" Get it. cause "marmite" har har har.

actually... no... i don't get it...

Marmite but pa might not. (Marmite sounds like ma might)

i'm on the one about the horseshoe... i'm going bald after restarting like 20 times...

Oh, I hate that one. You have to click the U in the answer "What are you talking about?" Because the U is a horse shoe.

man... how did you do to figure that out??? i've even got menopause symptoms after trying to figure that out... and (as far as i know) i'm not a chick...

haha, it was so annoying. I tried clicking all four and none of them worked so I knew it was something weird and moved the mouse around for the ten seconds I had to try to figure it out and it went over the u and the u lit up.

and that quiz cheated on me once... i figured out the one of the laser the first time... but not soon enough to destroy the bomb, so, when they asked me if i had figured it out the first try and clicked yes, it blew me away... it was sooo anoying...

the one that had me some time hanging around was the one with the cat (that cat meows pretty weird by the way... maybe it's cause of indigestion or something...)... i started clicking everywhere and panicked when the green bar started to fill... haha

haha, yeah it'll make you go crazy. I actually did laugh when you said it had indigestion. It looks so funny and sounds like a cow. Did you get to the giant bomb that goes off in one second yet?

yup... that made me sooo mad... i mean... after getting through all of that for like the 50th time, and the bomb exploded, i was like "MOTHER F!*&%!!!!!!"... and started all over again for the 51st time...

There's a similar one up the road. It's kinda easy to figure out but it got me the first time.

no damn way... i mean... i'm already sick of restarting being in the 80th question...

You want the answer to the other bomb one or do you want to figure it out yourself?

nah... i'm gonna answer it myself... i'll then describe how annoyed i was when i had to start all over again...

Haha, that works too. I say if you can finish the first 100 then you beat the quiz. The last ten are ridiculously hard.

hah.. yall are still doing this test? ;)

Josh, have you tried it yet? Did you beat it yet? If so I need to shake your hand. Lol.