I have a problem with my internet connections. I have tried all I know but couldn’t solve it. Is there someone kind to give me a tip, plz?http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/misc.php?do=getsmilies&wysiwyg=0&forumid=10#

I have Windows XP Professional. I have seven working connections in the Network Connections window. The problem is that I cannot modify any existing connection or add a new one. I have not tried to delete any of them because I’m afraid to succeed and not be able to remake it.

There are several ways to modify a connection but I always receive the same answer with all of them. For instance, in the Network Connections window, on the left side of the I click “Change settings of this connection and I make the changes I want. When I finish I click OK and I get this answer: “Cannot write phonebook. Error 624: The system could not update the phone book file. I looked up the error messages list in the help and support. but the reasons given does not apply. I have tried to edit the Rasphone.pbk. file and even replaced it, but the problem continued just the same.

When I try to create a new dial-up connection with the Internet Connection Wizard (inetwiz.exe), when I get to the last window and press Finish, I get the answer: “Windows cannot create a new dial-up connection for your Internet service provider. Try creating a connection by double-clicking Dial-Up Networking in My Computer. Dial-Up Networking is not present in My Computer.

When I tried to “Create a new Internet account with the Internet Connection Wizard (icwconn1.exe), when I click Next after choosing “Create a new Internet account I got this: “The Internet Connection Wizard cannot load the msicw.isp ISP file. I searched for the file and didn’t find it. I got it from the original XP CD and expanded it to C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\Connection Wizard (where it was with Windows 98 SE). I restarted this wizard. when I clicked Next after choosing “Create a new Internet account I got this: “The Internet Connection Wizard could not set up a dial-up network connection for the Microsoft ISP referral server. The ‘C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\Connection Wizard\icwip.dun’ file may be missing or corrupted. I looked for the file and it was there. Then I moved it out of the directory and expanded a new one from the XP CD. I restarted the same wizard and got the same answer. Clicked OK and a new window came up: “The service provider file is missing information required to continue setting up your Internet connection.

When I try the New Connection Wizard (%SystemRoot%\System32\rundll32.exe netshell.dll,StartNCW) and choose “Set up my connection manually / “Connect using a dial-up modem, at the end when I click Finish I get the above mentioned 624 error note folloed by “The creation of the firewall failed with the following error: * The parameter is incorrect. The connection has been created, but does NOT have the firewall enabled. I click OK, check up the Network Connections, but find no new connection. It just didn’t create any connection at all.

I wanted to change my DSL ISP, but I can’t create a new DSL connection either.

What can I do without erasing the hard disk and reloading Windows again, please?http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/newthread.php#

Has anyone got a solution to this problem, I cant seem to find any responses to the query???

Who is your provider?
You don't want a dial up connection if you have dsl.
Did they provide a setup CD?

Hello hughv

I did get a solution to the problem, this was a result of a corrupt phonebk file.

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