Okay. Once we get this ladder thing set up. After explaining it like that, it sounds like a good idea. We could still have these tournaments every once in a while.

Once a month.. or twice a year.. something rare so that winning one is special :)

what if we do a classifying round from several small groups too see who gets to play the tournament?

>I was actually thinking that we could all pitch in and help program a ladder system ourselves

i am more than willing to help out. if someone can act as system analyst or software engineer and tell what he wants programmed i am willing to do my part. just as long as it is not too big since i am a novice programmer.


i see that you are here. my boss is in the office but i can try to sneak in a game. but if i suddenly quit or something then you know why.

ive made a working ladder using asp.net and mssql but cant fina free host ;(


at the moment i don't have a fixed time for going online, for now, i login at random times whenever im free (just tryin' to enjoy and maximise my holidays) nyways, if i'll catch you online i'm sure to invite you for a game.
cheers buddy. =)

Tournaments shouldn't be more than about twice a year to make it something worth playing. And there shouldn't be any qualifying for it. That way it's fun for everyone.

So today I played someone on yahoo and they were killing me and then I completely turned it around on them. Felt good, I don't do that often. Maybe I'm getting a little better.

or maybe he just sucked worse than you... :D (kidding)

Hmm.. I seem to have gotten worse lol..

I am still so sorry for holding this tournament up, it really is all Bennets fault. He hasn't found me to play in real life or on yahoo. I haven't seen him for a while either....mmmm....maybe his server fell on him again?

Hmm.. Well I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Houston, Austin, and South Padre :)

If I can, I'll bring my laptop and check up on the tournament every once in a while. I get back in about 10 days.

I am gunna hopefully play Mr Bennet in the next couple of days, i will post the results or he will after we done.

i hadd to go to my cousis 18th so im nto able to pla y chess fro a while

yeah yeah, pack of lies....

Really? That's the only game we're waiting for. When will you be ready to play? In the meantime let's have a few informal games for those ahead in the tournament. Play as if these two have played their game and the winner of that game has lost the next one. I know. I know. You guys might not lose, but this way it still keeps people interested in the tournament and it keeps things moving for now. These games are informal and if jbennet or sernson don't lose their first game after their game against each other then we will just play from there. But don't play the championship game until the two play. These games are just for fun really and will only count if it just so happens that the winner of this game loses the next game. If that does happen then both players have to agree that the game played before hand (these informal games) actually counts as a real tournament game. None of you have to do this. I just thought they would be "conditional" games so to speak.

Can i take bennet as giving up?
I the one always chasing him, he has no interest in this. I better than him according to joshSCH, because he has played us both, he destroyed bennet, and only defeated me :P

Okay, that makes sense. Until jbennet comes back, let's assume you beat him and we'll have a series of unofficial games (but still not the championship game). If you end up beating jbennet (when he comes back) then those unofficial games can be made official. Sound good?

im sorry i was at my cousins 18th party.

i forefeit

I Dont Quit!

Were Playing Now!

OMG i killed all of his apart from his king and i had loads left but he was taking ages to mate so i offered a draw


. g1-f3 f7-f5
2. b1-c3 e7-e6
3. b2-b4 f8xb4
4. a2-a3 b4xc3
5. a1-a2 b7-b5
6. d2xc3 c8-a6
7. f3-h4 g7-g5
8. c1xg5 d8xg5
9. h4-f3 b5-b4
10. f3xg5 h7-h6
11. g5-e4 h6-h5
12. e4-d6+ c7xd6
13. a3xb4 a6-c4
14. a2-a6 b8xa6
15. g2-g3 a6xb4
16. c3xb4 h5-h4
17. g3xh4 h8xh4
18. f1-g2 c4-a2
19. g2-b7 a8-b8
20. b7-a6 b8xb4
21. h1-g1 b4-b1
22. d1xb1 a2xb1
23. g1xg8+ e8-f7
24. g8-g3 h4xh2
25. g3-g1 b1xc2
26. a6-c8 f7-e7
27. e2-e3 e6-e5
28. e1-d2 c2-a4
29. c8-a6 h2xf2+
30. d2-e1 f2-f3
31. a6-e2 f3xe3
32. e1-d2 e3-h3
33. e2-c4 d6-d5
34. c4xd5 a4-c6
35. d5-g2 h3-g3
36. g2-h1 g3xg1
37. h1-f3 c6xf3
38. d2-c3 g1-c1+
39. c3-b4 c1-b1+
40. b4-c5 b1-b2
41. c5-c4 b2-b8
42. c4-d3 e5-e4+
43. d3-d4 f5-f4
44. d4-e5 d7-d6+
45. e5xf4 a7-a5
46. f4-f5

it was a draw, so i asked him to play again, yet he didn't accept my offer :(

is it meant to be best of 3 or what?

why would you offer a draw then?

i cba wasting like an hour trying to checkmate his king

hmmm... i'd never forgive anyone, even if the game took me months to mate...

A draw? *Sigh* Lol. It isn't best out of three. Just one game. Do you think you'll be able to play any time soon? Are you going to play him again or have you changed your mind for forfeit after the draw?

oh, so i win by default.
Thanks i guess...