Hi all, My name is Dan. I live in North Vancouver, B.C. Canada. I've been a computer tech for 24 years now. I have a background in electronics and received my training in computer technology from a private institute. I have repaired almost 30,000 computers ( I keep a daily journal/log of the work I do ). When I'm not repairing computers I enjoy photography, music (former professional musician of 18 years) both playing and listening, culinary exploration (serious amateur chef for 25 years), playing golf when my back doesn't hurt and when it does I play Tiger Woods online golf. I have received help from all corners of the internet through the years and now I would like to be able to help others.

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Hi Dan, worst job I ever had was as a manager of a golf club. Mainly because I hate the game. In mitigation, I was also manager of the snooker club attached to it and I used to play a lot of pool and snooker so it was cool to mix with the pros.

I think it must be a lazy thing, I would rather chase a ball around a big table than a big field. ;)

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