I like Star Wars and SW video games, Battlefront II, Empire at War, etc. I plan to write a free, unofficial map editor to create an unofficial map editor for Empire at War in order to create new Galactic Conquest maps. Anyone else like SW games? Sound off!

its really hard work, i have made character editors before though but not for star wars

I have a secret weapon: I downloaded a free user-made map pack, so I know the syntax. The big question: why don't the people who make these maps post their own map editor?

"Skirmish" map editor. Skirmish maps are one battle only. Galactic conquest maps let you plan strategically to take over multiple planets (on land and in space) and you create your forces before, not during battle. I reccommend the Skirmish map editor highly, though it is slightly buggy. It's fun:)

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I really liked the old SW flight sims. The X-wing/Tie Fighter series. I wish they'd come out with a new one...