hi all

recently joined this site a few days ago whilst looking for an answer to my computer problem

not very computer "aware" so to speak but do have a daughter that is abit of a boffin and normally sorts any problems that i may have; but she has selfishly gone travelling round Oz for a couple of months so have came here for a bit of advice hopefully! just can't get the kids these days!

when i start my internet explorer a message comes up ststing "could not stsrt event logger", i then click ok and it goes away and the internet seems to work fine after that!

could anyone advise how to rectify this "problem"?



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Hello and welcome to Daniweb... love your name! :)

hullo christina and thanks for the welcome

enjoyed your quotation at the bottom of your message so i thought i'd send you one in return

I think the worst time to have a heart attack is during a game of charades...

not as intellectual as your quote but it has always amused me:icon_lol:

take care


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