I am facing problem with event handling.
Most elementary used to be …………. “Click any where on the Form “

But the problem is , that with VB.NET , the Page_Load , form1_Load , MyBase_Load , Me_Load ……………………. None of these events has an Onclick event . Every thing has to be handled through a button_Click event.

I an interested , that single click , directly on the home page , which is an JPG image , may direct me to another page of the site , ( say Login ) .

Please help me with this event handling problem , or suggest some alternative for redirecting without a link button.


Abdul Hayee.

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If you homepage is simply a jped, create an image button and set the image url as your jpg. you can also use an image map and map different regions to different pages.


Hello !
Thanks for reply .
I just want , to work without any controls ..............

Just click any where on the Form/Page , that is what a web page is.

A solution came to my mind.
1. make a large button of the From size ,
2. make the property transparent.
3. add a button_click event.

But it looks too crude .
There must be some nicer way

Clicking any where is so common a feature .
I do not know why it is not on web sites.

I am still searching on other engines.
Let me know if you find one.

Abdul Hayee.


it doesnt sound like you need anything more complicated then a image wrapped in a link to your page.

<a href="homepage2"><img /></a>
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