I am facing problem with event handling.
Most elementary used to be …………. “Click any where on the Form “

But the problem is , that with VB.NET , the Page_Load , form1_Load , MyBase_Load , Me_Load ……………………. None of these events has an Onclick event . Every thing has to be handled through a button_Click event.

I an interested , that single click , directly on the home page , which is an JPG image , may direct me to another page of the site , ( say Login ) .

Please help me with this event handling problem , or suggest some alternative for redirecting without a link button.


Abdul Hayee.

If you homepage is simply a jped, create an image button and set the image url as your jpg. you can also use an image map and map different regions to different pages.

Hello !
Thanks for reply .
I just want , to work without any controls ..............

Just click any where on the Form/Page , that is what a web page is.

A solution came to my mind.
1. make a large button of the From size ,
2. make the property transparent.
3. add a button_click event.

But it looks too crude .
There must be some nicer way

Clicking any where is so common a feature .
I do not know why it is not on web sites.

I am still searching on other engines.
Let me know if you find one.

Abdul Hayee.

no, you turn the image into an imagebutton. it isn't complicated, crude or difficult

it doesnt sound like you need anything more complicated then a image wrapped in a link to your page.

<a href="homepage2"><img /></a>