i am new member to this forum. i am trying to solve this problem from past 2 days.but i can't able to acheive it.

i able to capture single mouse click over flash(<Embed> object) using onactivate event handler.But it is supported by IE. i want some event in Firefox that will capture the mouse click over flash object.

i attached my code

var picObj = document.createElement('EMBED'); [inlinecode] // --Create dynamically object tag [/inlinecode]

picObj.setAttribute('id','aShow'); // Give id to it

picObj.setAttribute('TYPE' , 'application/x-shockwave-flash');

picObj.style.width = 100%; // width

picObj.style.height = 100%; // height

picObj.src = "01.swf"; //--This is the Filename of the Flash ad.

// to capture onclick event for IE

//kiosk is the javascript function i am calling when an event accours

aShow.attachEvent("onactivate",kiosk); // it is working fine 

// For Firefox,i tried onfocus,onclick,onmousedown,not working

document.getElementById('aShow').addEventListener("focus",kiosk,true); // not working

document.getElementById('aShow').addEventListener("click",kiosk,true); // not working

document.getElementById('aShow').addEventListener("mousedown",kiosk,true); // not working

can any one help me to solve my problem


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AFAIK, Firefox always had problems with supporting the 'attachEvent' function which works properly in IE and Opera.

Try something like: aShow.onactivate = kiosk; This code would work in all browsers. And I am pretty sure that only IE supports something like 'onactivate' since it doesn't seem to be a standard event. Maybe 'onfocus' would be more like it but them again I haven't really tried it out.

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