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I must say...I am ashamed to say that I do live in a "Sanctuary City" (Only because I attend college and get free rent here)...I have never understood why illegal aliens are mollycoddled and treated as martyrs by the liberal left, rather than as the criminals that they are...In fact it infuriates me...I joined and served in the US Military to defend my country and its borders and laws, and the liberal left would have us willingly accept these criminals who take our money and send it overseas, commit crimes then flea to their home countries and who even refuse to learn our language...


I joined and served in the US Military to defend my country and its borders and laws

I thank you for your service and sacrifice. It may not be much, from one such as myself, but it is what I can attempt to give in return. My salute is not dignified by a return.


I thought this was the Geek's Lounge (geeks have a brain), but it sound like it is more and more the "John Birch Society" Lounge!

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"Geeks have a brain" but apparently you didn't have enough of one to come up with anything.

i actually think it is stupid not to ask immigrants about their immigration status... what if it is an illegal immigrant? there should be more control about this...

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