If you know who he is, then you know what I'm talking about. If you know any of his one liners, post them here. (None of the ones with the pictures unless you have a picture in your comment.) If you have any jokes that relate to it then go ahead and post those here too. I'll put a few that I remember off the top of my head.

Okay, I just blanked. I can't remember any that don't involve something he drew so I'll just use one of those that's easy to understand.

Game Set Match = Tennis
Set Match Run = Arson

Isn't he the one that used humorous drawings as visual aids for his jokes? Funny indeed!

Yeah, that's him. I thought he was really funny. If you go to comedy central's website you can see some of his material.

I fell down the escalator once, I was falling down the stairs for hours.

Heh, I don't think I've heard that one.

“I wonder what the most intelligent thing ever said was that started with the word ‘dude.’ ‘Dude, these are isotopes.’ ‘Dude, we removed your kidney. You’re gonna be fine.’ ‘Dude, I am so stoked to win this Nobel Prize. I just wanna thank Kevin, and Turtle, and all my homies.’”

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