To me! :)

~s.o.s~ commented: Talk about tooting your own horn... ;-) +21
christina>you commented: muah! <3 +15
twomers commented: Hah! Starting a thread for your own bday ... I like it :) +3

Only noobs start threads about their own birthdays...

Happy B-day anyways :P

Hippopotamus, Canary, II, Sheep(F).


Hippo, Birdie, Two, Ewe.
Have a good one!

happy birthday to you Dukiiiiiiiiii =D ..


n to Josh as well .. hehe ..

I like the cut of your jib - giving yourself a birthday post! Good job & have a gud'n.

Happy birthday. May you be blessed with 50 copies of Halo 3 :)

Happy Birthday, may your new age be more enjoyable than the last.

Happy birthday :)
and the next year I hope you to have 5000 posts :D :D

Where's the cake?

yeah... i want cake too...

cake sounds like fun to me.

specially if there's someone in it (meaning a chick)... :P

Ask not what your birthday can do for you ...

My birthday is every day, my birthyear is only once a year!

erm... what? :confused:

thanks guys! i had an awesome birthday. Got a 360-elite from mom, halo 3 from my brothers, and a bluetooth moto earpiece from christina (which comes in handy sooo much at work and on the road).

Forgot about josh though :( Happy belated birthday!


What about cake?

There is no cake. For you, cake has ended.

Yes, someone please smear some cake on Chaky's face. ;-)

commented: *Takes the cake, sneaks behind him and gives him a cake-slap-in-the-face from behind*.... you have some too, hehe +4

Please do, please do.

*opens his mouth wide*

P.S. no chocolate

commented: *sos smears chocolate cake all over Chaky's face* ;-) +21