I know some java and a fair amount of c++.
I can get my hands on the free borland compiler at least.
I'll be happy to use something higher level if it makes the job alot simpler.

My goal/desire:
write a program that can build and display a 3 dimensional image of say, blocks.
It would be four sided and hollow like a square well.
The user can look at it and even move it around/zoom if they want to.
The program highlights briefly a sequence of bricks under the programs control, and
says an value/generates a word or sound bite that goes with it.
When the sequence is done the user attempts to identify with the mouse the blocks that have been identified by the program, via a mouse click.
The program decides how many were clicked successfully, and reports it.

The actual program would be a bit more compilicated than this, however this is the crux of it. The program is for personal use, at least at first.

So, what is a good environment for slapping something like this together to run on, say, Windows XP? logo, opengl, etc...? I'm looking for something that is quick to develop in, and free, as it is not a commercial venture, and like I said, for personal use.

I'd like to be able to read/write the file system as well to save levels etc.


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if u r looking for free dev envi go for linux c c++ java gtk++ etc.

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Thanks, but I'm 'stuck' with XP. I don't have linux installed, and don't want to invest the time in moving things around so I can dual boot for development on that platform. I know Linux is excellent, but I'd have more learning curve than I want to invest at this point in time.

Take a look at the NeHe OpenGL tutorials found here: http://nehe.gamedev.net/

It should get you up to speed pretty quickly on the basics.

You certainly don't need to use Linux unless you just happen to want to.

Yeah, I looked at those and they are definitely an option. I'm just trying to get a handful of options to evaluate and choose from.

regards, and thanks again (much)

Java3D is an option, or Visual C++ (the Express edition is free).
Borland/Codegear has Turbo C++ Explorer for free.

All can do OpenGL, Visual C++ (and Borland too with some work) can also do Direct3D.

i think difference is between using it on either 16 or 32 bit operating systems,,,nd d ghi interface is also damm good

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