I am currently in the process of having a website made and I need some help working out which programming language is best to be the most cost effective solution ongoing between PHP and ASP.

The website is a fantasy sports one that will interact strongly with its database and in order to be profitable needs to attract a very high number of users.

I have been told from the people who are making the site that hosting on ASP will be roughly 5% more expensive than PHP which I am happy with. However I have also been told be people that I trust that ASP will be substantially more expensive than this.

I know absolutely nothing about hosting costs so any help on this issue will be much appreciated

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Typically ASP is hosted on Windows-based servers which tend to be more expensive then Linux solutions.

On a related note, you also might want to keep in mind that ASP is no longer encouraged to be used by Microsoft in favor of ASP.net. PHP, on the other hand, is still very much in active development.

PHP all the way.

I also recommend staying away from MsSQL for databasing. Since it's microsoft you are going to be looking at more money to use it.

My personal preference is Linux OS(distrosbution that are cost-free), PHP scripting and MySQL databases.

Unless for a specific reason you need Windows... then using Windows is just a waste of money. This applies pretty much to all MS products.

Not a MS hater, I just know using MS will require extra money. And personally, using MS products I have found are always harder to work with.

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