Hello every one. Just woke up today and said to myself why am i studying IT? so i got on to the internet and went on searching, that is how i got to find out about Daniweb bso hope you guys out there would be of any help. I need to find my path in the IT world. I have just completed my HNC (Higher National Certificate) in information Technology and will be going for the HND (Higher National Diploma) before the end of this month and amazingly i still do not have any idea as to what i will like to specialize in and have no feature carrer plans.
Looking forward to sharing ideas and learning a lot from you all.

Hi there,welcome!!!It just depends on how you appreciate things in IT even if it is in hardware,software,networking,anything...Just follow your heart!

Welcome. Like ryan_vietnow said, follow your heart, If you like something, go for it, do not do something you do not like because you will regret it later.

Welcome aboard…..hope you’ll enjoy it here…..

Maybe it would be easier if you knew of some application or role that really fires your interest. The path always looks more appealing when you know it's headed somewhere, eh? For me, that was OCR. A friend of mine just really likes the idea of being an all-powerful systems admin at the college.

Edit: and maybe IT isn't what captures your interest. There is no shame in changing your mind. But when you've put this much effort into it, maybe what you really want is just to clarify the path you've already chosen.