Hi all!
I found that is difficult to search a simple javascript code about scrolling image slide. You can find them on Internet but they often are long and complex or hidden from us to prevent edit.
I just found a simple way to resolve this. I hope it will help your editting easier to make it yours!
We need 2 div tag to make a slide. ChildDiv to store image array and ParentDiv to contain Child Div.

Image Array's Structure: [<Image's Link>, <Image's Width>, <URL to Go>]
DoSlide(), Make Slide to run.
setmouse(param), set Slide play and pause when pointer over or out on images;
Dr_ImgArr(); Print image array to HTML;
getE(), getElementById();
DivWidth: Width of ParentDiv;
MoreImage: Num Of Image on a begin of Image Array, insert into the last of ChildDiv to continue the Slide;
If you have anymore comment, please reply here so that I can make it more perfect,
thank for all.
Demo: http://boy.us.com/Code/slide.php

	margin: auto;
	width: 600px;
	overflow: hidden;

	width: 6000px; 
#ParentDiv img
float: left;
padding: 3px;
margin: 0px;


//Array Of Image, [URL, width of Image, LinkTo]
var t;
var StepTime=10;
var StepPixel=1;
var ImgPadding=3;
var ParentDivLen=600;
var Img= 
["./images/slide/3_116.jpg", 104, "../gal/?gal=3&Type=image&ID=116"], 
["./images/slide/4_250.jpg", 103, "../gal/?gal=4&Type=image&ID=250"], 
["./images/slide/1_157.jpg", 107, "../gal/?gal=1&Type=image&ID=157"], 
["./images/slide/2_120.jpg", 124, "../gal/?gal=2&Type=image&ID=120"], 
["./images/slide/4_229.jpg", 116, "../gal/?gal=4&Type=image&ID=229"], 
["./images/slide/3_173.jpg", 113, "../gal/?gal=3&Type=image&ID=173"], 
["./images/slide/2_192.jpg", 110, "../gal/?gal=2&Type=image&ID=192"], 
["./images/slide/4_111.jpg", 104, "../gal/?gal=4&Type=image&ID=111"], 
["./images/slide/5_244.jpg", 106, "../gal/?gal=5&Type=image&ID=244"], 
["./images/slide/5_279.jpg", 109, "../gal/?gal=5&Type=image&ID=279"], 
["./images/slide/5_233.jpg", 102, "../gal/?gal=5&Type=image&ID=233"], 
["./images/slide/5_256.jpg", 106, "../gal/?gal=5&Type=image&ID=256"], 
["./images/slide/5_248.jpg", 111, "../gal/?gal=5&Type=image&ID=248"], 
["./images/slide/3_143.jpg", 99, "../gal/?gal=3&Type=image&ID=143"], 
["./images/slide/1_225.jpg", 103, "../gal/?gal=1&Type=image&ID=225"], 
["./images/slide/4_103.jpg", 109, "../gal/?gal=4&Type=image&ID=103"], 
["./images/slide/4_145.jpg", 118, "../gal/?gal=4&Type=image&ID=145"], 
["./images/slide/5_263.jpg", 100, "../gal/?gal=5&Type=image&ID=263"], 
["./images/slide/2_115.jpg", 102, "../gal/?gal=2&Type=image&ID=115"], 
["./images/slide/4_140.jpg", 122, "../gal/?gal=4&Type=image&ID=140"], 
["./images/slide/1_214.jpg", 112, "../gal/?gal=1&Type=image&ID=214"], 
["./images/slide/3_142.jpg", 102, "../gal/?gal=3&Type=image&ID=142"], 
["./images/slide/5_297.jpg", 99, "../gal/?gal=5&Type=image&ID=297"], 
["./images/slide/4_168.jpg", 101, "../gal/?gal=4&Type=image&ID=168"], 
["./images/slide/5_277.jpg", 111, "../gal/?gal=5&Type=image&ID=277"], 
["./images/slide/5_296.jpg", 103, "../gal/?gal=5&Type=image&ID=296"], 
["./images/slide/4_169.jpg", 109, "../gal/?gal=4&Type=image&ID=169"], 
["./images/slide/4_244.jpg", 110, "../gal/?gal=4&Type=image&ID=244"], 
["./images/slide/5_285.jpg", 112, "../gal/?gal=5&Type=image&ID=285"], 
["./images/slide/3_100.jpg", 111, "../gal/?gal=3&Type=image&ID=100"], 
["./images/slide/1_103.jpg", 111, "../gal/?gal=1&Type=image&ID=103"], 
["./images/slide/1_119.jpg", 104, "../gal/?gal=1&Type=image&ID=119"], 
["./images/slide/5_253.jpg", 107, "../gal/?gal=5&Type=image&ID=253"], 
["./images/slide/4_183.jpg", 105, "../gal/?gal=4&Type=image&ID=183"], 
["./images/slide/4_171.jpg", 111, "../gal/?gal=4&Type=image&ID=171"], 
["./images/slide/2_147.jpg", 126, "../gal/?gal=2&Type=image&ID=147"], 
["./images/slide/3_115.jpg", 116, "../gal/?gal=3&Type=image&ID=115"], 
["./images/slide/5_310.jpg", 113, "../gal/?gal=5&Type=image&ID=310"], 
["./images/slide/4_185.jpg", 109, "../gal/?gal=4&Type=image&ID=185"], 
["./images/slide/3_159.jpg", 108, "../gal/?gal=3&Type=image&ID=159"], 
["./images/slide/2_154.jpg", 125, "../gal/?gal=2&Type=image&ID=154"], 
["./images/slide/5_314.jpg", 107, "../gal/?gal=5&Type=image&ID=314"], 
["./images/slide/2_106.jpg", 100, "../gal/?gal=2&Type=image&ID=106"], 
["./images/slide/4_123.jpg", 103, "../gal/?gal=4&Type=image&ID=123"], 
var Pos=0;
var Len=Img.length;

var DivWidth=0;
var MoreImage=0; 

function goURL(URLS)
	DivWidth+=Img[i][1] + ImgPadding*2;
	if(MoreImage==0 && DivWidth>ParentDivLen)MoreImage=i;
function getE(id)
	return document.getElementById(id);

function Dr_Img(IMG)
	return '<img src="'+ IMG[0] + '" onclick="goURL(\'' + IMG[2] + '\')">';

function Dr_ImgArr()
	var str='';
	for(i=0;i<Len;i++) str += Dr_Img(Img[i]);
	for(i=0;i<MoreImage;i++)str += Dr_Img(Img[i]);

function DoSlide()
	divtg.style.left=Pos +'px';

function SlideStop()
function setmouse(id)


<div id="ParentDiv">
	<div id="ChildDiv" onmouseout="setmouse(1);" onmouseover="setmouse(2);">


This code snippet would be more suited in the Code Snippets section where it can be used / referenced by the masses out there. Please reconsider posting it there.

A few comments:
location is a property of the window object and not the document object.
• Using document.write() is not so graceful; disable javascript and watch your page fail miserably. A better and more appropriate way would be to use DOM manipulation.
• It would be better if the slider could be configured by passing parameters to the function call i.e. Dr_ImgArr(stepTime, padding) • It would be even better if you could wrap the entire functionality inside a custom object which the user can instantiate. This object would have state and do away with the requirement of having globally scoped variables.

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