Hi all, Im sorta computer illiterate so please show a little mercy on me lol. My computer had been running extremely slow lately and i was afraid i had unwanted viruses or trojans so i wanted to remove some unnecessary programs. Unfortunately in my hastiness I am pretty certain I deleted a crucial component for sound because now i get the 'no active mixer devices available' message. Ive looked around on my computer (the sound, video and game controllers section in Device Manager) and under it there is

-Audio codects
-Legacy audio drivers
-Legacy video capture devices
-media control devices
-standard game port
-video codects

I also noticed that under 'sounds and audio devices/ hardware' in my control panel all of these functions are working properly. So this only further leads me to believe that I must have deleted a certain program/driver/device because everything else is working properly. Unfortunately this computer was built by a friend and i seem to have misplaced (or maybe i never even recieved, cant quite remember) any installation CDs when i recieved the computer. Any suggestions on what actions i should take to resolve my problem would be greatly appreciated :)