How does one use the "=" command? ie:

:If A=3
:Goto NW

"ENTER" doesn't do it, it creates a new line. I searched all of the PRGM and VARS menus. Does anyone know?

I used to have a TI 99 and back then i didnt know too much about Basic.......

You can try this:

1 inputa
10 Ifa=3thengoto23 (Or whatever line your using)
11 a=0:goto 1

Basic is awesome and 1 of my favourite languages....

I didnt know too much when i had my Ti 994a (I had just gotton into computers back then -- GOOD UNIT!!!)

Good luck!


I know what your asking now,you dont know what key produces the "=" sign :(

If i remember right,its SHIFT and the Quit key (Last key to the right on the top row)

I actually figured it today in Math, bored after a test. Haha.

It's 2ND+MATH (TEST) then "=".

There's a menu.

Thanks for your information though!

TI computers were OK,Commodore 64 was K-RAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love mine like crazy :)

Eh, but I like the TI-Graphing Calculators. They're fun to program.


Ah man!!

I dont think i have ever seen it :D