Greetings to everyone

If i may introduce myself; my name Abishay but you can call me Ladiesman as a Nickname:) I am 16 years of of age and still live with Parent and also a Full time student:( .
I am a male, I really like sport and Computers mostly but i have to say that i am better at sports than i am at computers:icon_lol:

I have never done that high Tech programming but i am in a process of learning C++ or Java. I have a great interest in Computers especially programming, gaming and graphics:icon_cheesygrin: and if you were to ask me what i am best at i would say gaming followed by graphics.

I don't want to talk too much because there is a lot to say about myself :icon_cheesygrin: I joined this awesome place to learn and to sharpen my skills and extend my knowledge.

I am really looking towards a great time here:)

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