I'll go for the classic.

Which one would you prefer:

A) Milk Tea with Blue Cheese?

B) Bubble Gum with Blue Cheese?


I like Linux and Windows....

(No Question JB????)
You starving beyond belief...

a) Would you eat a orange covered with ants?

b) An apple..with a surprise inside


I love surprises so I'll eat that apple with a twist.

If you have a gun

a) Would you shoot your head?

b) or your brother?


I don't have a brother....so I'll go with my brother...:)

You see a skunk in your backyard:

a) Do you ask it to dance?

b) Pick it up, and try to clean it so it smells better


Sorry... I couldn't think of anything and I happened to have a stuffed skunk beside my desk...

Here is a new one...

Would you rather have a...

1) Brand new Peavey Cirrus 4 String Bass Guitar

2) A Vintage Bass Guitar found in a Garage Sale... Owned by Les Claypool


I'm not a fan of Les Paul's, too Heavy, I play an SG.

As for Bass, I love my Peavey amps, but not too keen on the basses, I have a Warwick 5-String.



I just love the sound of a Les Paul...

I found it to be the best sounding guitar around/ever..

I'm the opposite I have never liked the SG's

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