Hello everybody,

I'm Shwe Toe Aung. I'm from Golden Land that is full with Golden Pagoda named Myanmar as you know Burma.
Life of youngster from poor country such as our coutry is difficult. I'm an Accountant. I did well in my school and university. But why? I don't understand I can't still get a job at Singapore. I want to go there cos at my country my earning money isn't enough to attend the class what I want. Even though I'm not better a lot than average Singaporean, the result shows I'm overqualified and better than other that apply the same job. But they always deny to take me. Why? Our life is difficult. We can't do more in our country so we go out. At abroad, we sell our service with very lower price. That's what we meet.

FAVOURITE THINGS : I love reading, watching movies, playing games and learning new things and languages. In the future, I hope to learn Chinese, Spanish, Germany, Japan and French. Now I know a little about Chinese and Spanish.

FAVOURITE MOVIE: Patriot, Brave Heart, Catch me if you can, The Terminal, Forrest Gump, and a lot

FAVOURITE SONGS: Jazz, Country, R&B, Pop and Rock. Really I love all songs that is good to listen.

DISLIKE: I hate smoking. If I stay in a room that is full with cigaretter smokes more than one hour, I always get a fever. Betels, most of you won't know betels. It is very bad. It makes dirty and give anything good.

Thank you very much for reading about me.
Bye Bye

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Yeah you're right Shwe Toe Aung.Also in our country too.Too bad people here had to go to other country to earn more.

Thank you very much for your words. Our life is struggle but I never give up. If there is a chance, I will show you the toy of Burma that named "Pyit Tine Htaung". His name means it always stand up however it will be throwed. Like this, I will always stand up whatever barrier I meet. I will show who I am and what I am worth.
Thank you very much, frd.
There are a lot of things I want to know about computer.
Now I can't install ACCPAC 6.1 Plus into my computer. The operating system is Window XP. How should I do?
I can't play some small and compact game from Bigfish or something like that. I can install it but when I open it. It shows just black screen and see nothing. Everything is working and show no error.
Please tell me how should I do.

Welcome! What kind of books do you like to read?