Hello, just wanted to give a brief summary of myself and my knowledge. I am the CEO of an Office Furniture Dealership in California, and I spend a lot of time on the internet, and have actually designed and built the company website. Noted I did a lot of research and trial and error before it was on the air, but I did this back in 1990 so I have been on for some time now. I do not know code but can understand instructions well, and have learned a lot by hit and miss actions. I needed the answer to something that was happening to my computer and I found this site quite by accident, but after joining, and looking for an answer, I found it within a couple of minutes and in less time corrected the problem, so I can see that even though I may not be of much help to others unless you need office furniture that is, but I will be here often learning new things.

Bj Hicks

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thank your comments are appreciated and i agree i have come to the right site.



I'm new too. and I too work for what use to be an office furniture store EMC. you never know???

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