Please evaluate my SERP.

My blog is just a month old. It's about SEO so I am focusing much on seo-related keyword.

Today, I tried to check google and I found out that some of my pages/posts are ranked faster than the keywords that I am targeting. I understand that the keywords/key phrases I am targeting are very competitive so it may difficult for me to get my site on top in a short period of time.

As mentioned, I am targeting SE-related keywords but the following keyphrases put my blog on higher google position when I checked today.

"moneymaking forums lists", "moneymaking forum lists", "money-making forum lists", and "money making forum lists" - 1st place on 1st page.
"money-making forums" - 10th on 1st page
"moneymaking forums' - 8th on 1st page
"top social bookmarking sites" - 7th on the first page.
"Lists of SEO Blogs" - 3rd on first page

What do you think?
Do you think my ranking is improving? The age of my site is 6 weeks, and the above keyphrases are not my target... I'm far away from my target keywords.

I think that's really awesome for such a new site in such a competitive industry. You must be doing something right. However, you should stop investing so much time into ranking for particular keywords and instead let your stories speak for themselves. Write good content that people will naturally want to link to, and don't pay too much attention to keyword density and all that. Over time, your individual articles will rank for a whole array of keywords (even some you never could have come up with if you tried that still drive traffic), and you'll have awesome linkbait.