Text fields are used when you want the user to type letters, numbers, etc. in a form. Here is a HTML code that will let user type in there First and Last names in a text field!

Add this code to your template

First name: 
<input type="text" name="firstname">
Last name: 
<input type="text" name="lastname">

Of course, there will also need to be a submit button of some kind, to handle the data input.

I need the next step. Can you tell me how to do it. Thanks.

ya exactly what will do the work but yoy can also add radiop buttons and check boxes and a pklace to putin ys password too

Something like this:
<form method="post" action="the_php_page.php">
<!-- a pair of radio buttons -->
<!-- if they have the same name, they're in the same group -->
<input type="radio" name="groupname" value="Option A">
<input type="radio" name="groupname" value="Option B">

<!-- a check box -->
<input type="checkbox" name="cb1" value="A Checkbox">

<!-- a password box -->
<input type="password" name="password">

Then, to process the input: (this is with PHP, I'm pretty sure you can find a JavaScript to do this if you don't have a PHP host)

Your name is <?php echo $_POST["firstname"]; echo $_POST["lastname"]; ?><br>
You selected <?php echo $_POST["groupname"]; ?><br>
<!-- one of my favorite PHP tricks: -->
$checked = isset($_POST["name"]);
if (checked)
echo "You checked the box";
echo "You didn't check the box";
<!-- wouldn't normally say this, but it's just a demo -->
You entered <?php echo $_POST["password"]; ?> as your password

Naturally, I forgot the submit button...
Right before the </form> tag, add this:
<input type="submit">