hi there web programmers,
I mainly joined this site for help with VB6, but now i have decided to branch out into HTML and web design. i know some very basic html coding but nothing fancy.
Could anyone help me by giving any very useful codes for html or java that i could use.
And one more thing, could someone tell me how to embed pictures into the background so they are like watermarked into the background?
Thanx Very much!! :)

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Get yourself to a decent bookstore and get some good books on HTML and JavaSCRIPT.
That (and experimenting) is the best way to learn.

don't forget to learn some css while you're there:

<body style="background: #ffffff (faded_image.jpg) 0% 0% no-repeat;

theres only one way to learn.... get it wrong! Then slowly work through and figure why!
Also, you can find most things on the net.... I generally get full coding syntax and elemnt lists, accepted colours, measuurements, browser compatability tables, element and browser compatability lists, browser specific bugs and issues, models and examples, good coding tips etc .... all from various web sites!
Seriously, my CSS pad is around 72 pages at present, and growing every couple of days as I type up notes!

and BIG helpful hint.... save! Lots and Often! Nothing worse than backtracking and trying to figure what of the last 40 things caused xxx to happen!

Ah yes.... possibly the best advice......

"<!--comments go here-->"
"/*comments go here*/"

Comment tags! the top is for HTML/XML/XHTML, the bottom is for CSS.
Use them... seperate and lable each container, section..... describe what particular CSS coding does and why it's there! If you come back after 4 hours.... chances are you'll forget!

theres only one way to learn.... get it wrong! Then slowly work through and figure why!

Best advice ever... In times past people I knew would use these wysiwyg-drag and drop programs, paint themselves into a corner, and not know how to fix it. They would generally scrap the whole thing and start over. Not only have they wasted a bunch of time (including mine sometimes), they haven't learned a thing... except how to waste time.

Of course, getting it wrong is a pain, and sometimes you'll never see why!

But,m thats what we're all here for!
If you can't figure, then we might... so have a go, start with simple blocks, seperate colour for each section, get the general layout... then go from there!

Good luck!

Excellent source. I have used many of their scrpits. Another great sourse...

Fun stuff

ooo!! I like that site! Thanks!!

Tutorials for html:
















Specific Tutorials:

http://manda.com/frames/ (this is a frames tutorial)

http://www.fontfinder.ws/ (finds fonts)

http://www.456bereastreet.com/archi..._on_the_tables/ (tables tutorial)

http://www.tutorials4you.com/ Photoshop Tutorials

http://javascriptsearch.com/ (Java script)






http://www.hotscripts.com/ (for almost any code)


This is a very good site for almost anything about web
and web devlopement, including the free classes:


Color sites:








Two EXCELLENT programs to download for color are Pixie
and colorbox:

Pixie: http://www.nattyware.com/?m31

Colorbox: www.kobayashi.com

I also have several FREE html editor programs to recommend.

1st Page 2000 - HTML Editor http://www.evrsoft.com/
UltraEdit http://www.ultraedit.com
MPSOFTWARE - Designed for you http://www.mpsoftware.dk/
WebDwarf http://www.virtualmechanics.com/products/dwarf/

And there is ALWAYS Notepad which comes with every computer that has Microsoft on it.

That should get you started and any questions you have just let me know, I know I'll be more than glad to help. Liz

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