i'm doing my final year project, require some opinion/input to whether my idea is workable.

a dynamic web page like newsletter require frequent update and is widely written in ASP/XML with macromedia dreamweaver for the layout web.

my idea is to combine the above two into one application of GUI based. Which allow the designer to drag and drop component into the page as a template only. This page will then be converted to XML page.

The actual text and images will be input at the input page which inserted into SQL database.

Main objective is to ease the job of web designer without writing complicated code. What they need to do only to layout the page, name all the component, do the text input.

Please share your view. thks

Look at an application I helped to write. It uses a DHTML web front-end, and PostScript back-end for print production.

The site allows customers to build their own business cards. I could see you doing some of the same techniques for web layout generation.

The site is Swiss: http://www.monopoly.ch

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