Include content from one page to another with HTML Code

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Include content from one page to another with HTML Code.
On the page that you want to put content on just insert <!--#include virtual="YourURL"--> <html>

<!--#include virtual="YOUR URL" -->


<!--#include virtual="YOUR URL" -->
xxxservicexxx 0 Newbie Poster

How does this work? I copy the all codes above to my existing page, it does not display anything.

drsim 0 Newbie Poster

first check if you are using the right DTD,
if you are including file from different domain than it wont work.

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Thanks drsim, I think I need to study more in Html, and how to use properly the Document type.. as of now, im a very new learner in html, noob one. Hope soon I'll have more knowledge in Webdesigning, I love too...just hate that I'm just a starter^^.

drsim 0 Newbie Poster

you are welcome, sure you will be master one day.good luck

almostbob 866 Retired: passive income ROCKS

the code supplied is WRONG
includes do not work in html
includes require shtml
the filename has to be altered to shtml and the server has to be configured to parse .shtml for server includes
base level hosting likely will not include .shtml .php or .asp
php & asp EAT .shtml for ability, popularity, available resources

useless codescrap

if wishing to ustilise server scripting of any sort, determine what the host package supports and use the highest

if a *n?x host likely supports .shtml and .php,, use php
if a windows host likely supports .shtml and .asp,, use asp (and get treatment whatever condition made you choose windows hosting :D )

xxxservicexxx 0 Newbie Poster

Thanks almostbob, I may not know much in this code but seeing your posts, I can see you know what your saying, from a hunch, I felt you have correct points and more experienced. When I know how this things work, I might come back here and post the correct codes and the required features in the server to work it completely.,coz this will be very useful in web designing/developing.
Or maybe some can post the correct codes or steps to make it work (pls show the complete codes)

almostbob 866 Retired: passive income ROCKS

once you have determined what server scripting language your host package supports, google a basic tutorial has many, not perfect but,,,,
the correct code is already published, thats what the html/css php asp forums on this site do.
the include scrap works,, for shtml not html <?php include('filename'); ?> for php

and whichever language you find to use, there will be someone to answer

xxxservicexxx commented: nice +1
xxxservicexxx 0 Newbie Poster

Thanks a lot almostbob. Yeah I gona try and experiment this things.

Mike_Slough 0 Newbie Poster

Almost Thanks a lot to share your very useful post.

Mike_Slough 0 Newbie Poster

Thanks to share nice code for our site.

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Oh man! Who the hell resurrected this old piece of rubbish? The code is bogus for HTML. Let sleeping farty old clapped-out dogs lie. Get a grip!

"The OP has left the building".

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