3DVIA Enables One-Click 3D Publishing on Facebook Platform

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As of August 3rd, users of 3DVIA Studio and 3DVIA Scenes can publish their work directly to Facebook with the click of a button. With 500 million Facebook users, that's quite a target audience to showcase and beta test your talent.

“We have taken the guesswork out of launching 3D applications on Facebook Platform,” said David Laubner, VP, online product marketing, 3DVIA, Dassault Systèmes. “Indie game developers invest so much time and effort developing their titles only to realize the bigger challenge is distribution. Our new, simplified process for launching 3D apps demonstrates our commitment to removing the hurdles content creators face when trying to publish their work.” 3DVIA, made by French company Dassault Systèmes, was designed specifically for non-traditional users and offers free tools, textures and a network of users with which to share ideas, show your work, etc. Now those users can post their video games, for example, directly on Facebook for hundreds of millions of users to try. With nearly 200,000 users of 3DVIA, that's a lot of opportunity for a lot of designers.

This is an exciting time for those who, like myself, can teach myself to do just about anything but without a degree, have less opportunities to break into the world of video game development. With a free product like 3DVIA and the 3DVIA Player application for Facebook, perhaps the next big social game will come from a talented unknown.

An example of this potential is “Billions, Save Them All,” 3DVIA Studio’s first social game application launched on Facebook Platform last week. Visit http://apps.facebook.com/playbillions to play the game or http://billions.3dvia.com for complete details on its production.

You can also add 3D to your Adobe Photoshop artwork quickly and easily with this free app:[YOUTUBE]cwkyBPfPErM[/YOUTUBE]Projects created using 3DVIA, when viewed on 3DVIA.com can be published by clicking the new "Play on Facebook" button. This launches the Player application. More advanced users can also utilize sample web code to embed applications directly into their own developer profiles.

You can try 3DVIA and all its features for free at http://3dvia.com . The site features your own designer profile for sharing and feedback, forums, tutorials and updates. Again, this is all free so if you've been interested in 3D applications but haven't had the money to try them, now's your chance. You can, naturally, upgrade to a premium version but from what I've seen exploring the site, there is a ton of great things you can do to start with. Here's an example of how to create a 3D car using the program:[YOUTUBE]zcfoc6MPsXw[/YOUTUBE]

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Here's an example of how to create a 3D car using the program:[YOUTUBE]zcfoc6MPsXw[/YOUTUBE]

Thanks for the info. I like the software and the platform ( it's a good deal ).

This is 3DVIA youtube account:


which show some examples on how it works which is nice.

This is their home link if you want to used their product:


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