I have a very simple webpage using css. For some odd reason there is about a 20px space at the top of my page. I have no idea where this is coming from! Any ideas?

Here is the page that is causing me grief:


Thanks in advance,


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body {
  font-family: Georgia, Serif;
  background: #000000;

i think this can help u

order is important in css
in some of the styles you set


result margin-top:5px; in other styles you correctly zero the top margin


a group of applied 5px will soon add to the 'missing' amount

Do not put px on a zero value. It is not supported. Put 0 instead of 0px.

make sure there are no   in your code that will create a space if in the wrong place

also make sure that the div or table you have as your header, has no margin-top pushing it down.

I followed most of the advice I found on here, and finally what worked for me was the body-top:0; I had originally used just the standard header or wrapper or whatever:0px; so hats off to you and kudos good sir.
and if anyone wants to visit my humble self, feel free to wander over to

you need to set a negative margin rtfm -20px etc easy peasy

check the margin-top and padding-top of ur each style class (especially outer)... and check the heights and min-height of each div tag... google chrome inspect functionality may be helpful to solve this...

The body needs to have "margin:0;" set in the CSS to make the inner DIV's align to the top of the page.

You have to set the top-margin to a minus figure. I currently can't see a way around this issue. Everything should stay inside the DIV, especially if add "overflow: hidden;" to the CSS, but it doesn't obey this. The spacing is cause by the contents margin values. You can add a spacer element as "<p class="spacer">&nbsp;</p>" to the innder top part of your DIV and set the CSS "text-size:" as "0px;" with a "margin:0;" as well.

add default browser css reset



I am hoping that someone can lend a hand here with a html layout. I'm very new to site design so please forgive the sloppyness of my code


That's interesting since your signature is related to web design but OK. Please start your own thread and post your sample code.

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