I have a group of input type="submit" buttons inside a fieldset.

I am using javascript to alter the appearance of these input type="submit" buttons when I 'onMouseOver' and 'onMouseOut'.

When this happens this changes the size of the fieldset border and expands and shrinks depending on the mouse over/out event.

Any Ideas I can just keep the field set permentely expanded?

Thanks, Regards X

Post your code. What I can say by assuming, is that at you set different border size for different events.

Umm ok....

Ill explain, I have 100s lines of code where this happens (each form I have with fieldset).
But not only that but each one incorporates CSS, Javascript, HTML, PHP, etc.
So even if I did post the code of one thing it might be something else?

If it helps, with Javascript when i set the border to outset for both mouseOut/Over it was fine but when I changed the mouseOut border to inset it gave me the adjustable fieldset border expands/shrinks.

Hope that helps :(

Thanks. Regards, X