Dear Forum:

I work in frames with my html pages. However my index.htm page brings up the title "untitled Document" in the internet explorer tab at the top of page. All othe web pages have the proper name.

I am not sure how to change theis title in the tab.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I know this is not specifically about html or CSS.



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When you use frames the title of the document is taken from your frameset page.

So go in that page and put
<title>your title </title>
(<title>untitled document</title> should already be there from what you say)

Is index.htm your frameset page ? probably yes.

Well, it's just a simple thing, just specify your the title of your page by specifying it in the title tag, a sub tag of head tag and remember to close both the title tag and head tag. have a nice learning time

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