I've built a site (using Dreamweaver CS3) with most of the info sorted out by AP Divs...it looks great in Firefox and Safari, but in IE 7.0 it looks like the divs are laying on top of each other.

I was surprised because the only W3C validation errors that turned up so far look pretty trivial. Does anyone know what went wrong here?

home page is at:
www . click sharpmarketing . com /beta/cven/

Thanks very much.

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True, it does work fine--in 99% of instances but unfortunately not the client's. I decide to rebuild from scratch rather than spend a decade diagnosing the problem...


I've checked it out, and it looks fine to me. I'm using IE7 with 1024*768 Screen resolution. If you've got it set up so that it's fluid, you might want to make it static. With it having a static width, there shouldn't be a problem due to the user's screen resolution.

With a fluid design, it's great for people that a higher screen resolution than 800*600, but it's not so great if you're designing it at a higher resolution than what the client is. This is because on your screen it looks great. But when your client sees it, it's all bunched together.


I've having the exact problem as described above. Hidden AP Divs work perfectly in Safari and Firefox (PC and Mac Firefox) but NOT IE 7. Perhaps you have a fix?

The link to my Beta site is:


Click the "advanced search" link to the left of the Search box and you'll see what I mean.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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