I'm hoping someone can help me figure this out.

The main navigation menu shows a 1px white line to the right of the current selection - only in Firefox - only on first load - and clears itself after the mouse hovers over another part of the menu.

I can't figure out if it is an image problem or a CSS problem.

Here's the temporary site: http:// 30bands30hours. kerntechsupport. com (Remove the spaces please!)

I think it's a lorem ipsum dolor problem. :icon_mrgreen:

I don't see what you are describing, but I do see a white box around the last selection clicked.

What are you calling the "main navigation menu"?

The white box would indicate I'm taking a break. LOL I decided to make that div black right when I was calling it a night.

As far as the 1px line is concerned, I have the "HOME" selected. Right when you land on the page, a 1px line appears to the right of the curved box, but only in Firefox. As soon as you hover over something, the line disappears. However, if you scroll down the page then come back up, the 1px line resets.

All that said, I wonder if it is related to wide screen resolution.

Thanks for taking a look anyway.:)


The white box is supplied by FireFox around the link that would activate if ENTER is pressed. The TAB key moves it to other links.

IE doesn't have that.

I attached a screen shot. The funny thing is I have checked for this glitch on no less than 10 different computers.

The navigation is straight CSS / HTML - the line only appears in FireFox on a wide screen monitor.

Dare I throw in the towel? Thing is - this glitch might really be something. We could win an award for discovering and correcting it, right?;)

that must mean my computer is cleverer than everyones :D

see attached photo

(yes this is on page load without pressing anything or focusing.

After cropping 1px off the edge of the corresponding tab image, the final straw so far as I'm concerned, I have decided, indeed, your computer is more cleverer.

I think I'll let this one go to rest.
Thanks everyone!

I don't see that either.

I have FF too.

we both have clever computers :D