Right i have made a rather nice little background and ocean type thing in 3d max. I am now trying to animate the ocean using this tutorial.


But I am having troubles.

Again, adding a Noise modifier can create this type of motion, but we need to rotate the Gizmo so it is almost at a right-angle to the sea plane. By adding a deformation in the Z-axis, we can see the modifier deforming the wave so it creates peaks and troughs. Turning on the animation option in the modifier and again amending the frequency spinner can add more realistic motion.

This is the bit i am stuck on at the moment. I cant seem to rotate the gizmo on any other view other then perspective and that isn't having the desired effect. So what am i doing wrong?
Is something locked that shouldn't be? Any help or the solution would be greatly appreciated.

The file i am working on is here.


was being dumb and had a sub selction selcetd rather then the whole thing

At least you worked out and did not wait for somebody told you such a silly thing :)