hi All,
I need a drop down menu in which if a user clicks it , they can select from da list if fields are not present in da list ,it shud allow user to enter da field, and that shud be saved in da list, Is it called a combo box??? plz can anyboby give me code for dat???please!!!

Here is a website for what you are after. It is made purely with CSS and works with most browsers. http://www.tjkdesign.com/articles/keyboard_friendly_dropdown_menu/default.asp

I assume that when you mean things are added to the list once someone hovers over the section, it loads the rest of the list. You don't need a dynamic site for this as the fields are hidden anyway by a drop down list's nature.

However, if you are wanting the fields to come from a database, you can easily generate the selections of code with a "while" loop.

thanks for replying , its dynamic drop down list, i saw the link provided, its good but i want drop down list, which has already predefined fields as usual for example city names, if user's city name isnt provided in the drop down list, then i want user to enter his/her city name in the drop down list and that shud be saved in the list, so dat wen da next user comes they can choose... what i want is populating values of drop down list.. for this drop down list
i shud have database???