I am learning dreamweaver cs3 and want to have some text pop up when I hover over a link - and the link doesn't go anywhere, just have a pop-up explanation. It apprears the term hover was the key term, but now with dreamweaver it is called rollover.

But all I can find is how to change the color of the link text or change images on rollover. How do I pop up text on hover using dreamweaver?

A page I was looking at on Daniweb has a section at the bottom called "similar threads", and when I hover over any of the links a box of text pops up like I want to do. The html source shows me that the term "title" is used to label the text that pops up. But how do I do that in dreamweaver?

thanks for any help - gred

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Hi Again Gred, there are a few ways to tackle this problem also.

Solution 1.

Use the simple but effective alt command. You don't need any rollover or javascript this is simple HTML. Here is a string of code

<img src="banner.jpg" alt="cool picture" width="458" height="216" />

when your mouse goes over the image the words cool picture will appear in a little yellow box

Solution 2.
This requires a little complicated DreamWeaver Function that uses some Javascript. What you do is go to the little image icon that has a tree on it and click on the tiny arrow next to it. This will make a drop down menu of things you can do with images, one of them being image rollover.

The Image rollover is suppose to be used to change images but you can also have text appear when the image changes though I think the alt command is a lot simpler then getting into javascript.

I hope I helped! Oh gred you can mark your other thread as solved if you got all the info you needed for that thread.

I gave you some reputation on your earlier help - have to wait evidently till tomorrow for this one - thanks again for you time and assistance. I am amazed that people who know are willing to share with those of us who don't have a clue - gred

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