Just when you think your done, you find out you have to cross code for IE6... what a pain.

I'm working on a site that has a number of divs inside a container div. filler div floated left, list div floated left (display:inline-block), right fill floated left, and a large div floated right.

This looks great on IE7 and mozilla FF, but IE6 throws it all off by adding very large gaps in between just the three floated left divs (left fill, list div, right fill). and the rest of the page is in place.

If you have a sec, take a look at www.screenworksonline.com... CSS is /main.css.

Hopefully someone has encountered this before... maybe I forgot to reset an attribute?

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once again... this is a fine example of me just not thinking.

I had a friend take a look at this and pointed out I need to have every multi-floated div with a fixed width for IE6... I added the width to each, and problem solved. just in case you guys were wondering (chances are you weren't). :)

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