I wonder if you can help me i have this website. i want a script like if you click a image a overlay must display without leaving the content like on www.madonna.com on her candy wall. can this be done?

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yes this can be done surly but for doing this you shold have a good knowelge of java scripts
i will send you the complete scripts but wait for some time

but i think you should use google and you will surly find that scripts(java scripts)

what should i search for? overlay javascripts?

you should search about boxes in java scripts
but the best one is that you shold read ebook "Head first Java scripts" which you can get from headfirstlabs web site but if you want free then go on google or on rapid share in this book you will surely get this metod in first three chaptor

go and read it

well it is not easy to find it i will look

I got it thanx

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