Hi folks!

I'm new here and possible I'm posting my request in completely wrong forum, but since I was so stupid to wait until the last minute, I'm pretty pressed for time right now and need a quick solution for my problem.

My problem:

The MySpace site, that I have to deliver tomorrow, looks differently in Internet Explorer and Firefox. In IE it looks quite okay, but in FF some parts are completely missing.

Here you can see what it looks like in IE.
Here you can see what it looks like in FF.

And here you'll find the MySpace CSS Code.

I hope somebody can give me a useful hint.

Thanks in advance and sorry, if I'm disturbing the forum peace with my wrongly posted thread.


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that would be better if you send url of your site instead of sending snapshots and snapshots are not very much clear

Before you do anything else, validate your code with W3C:


Firefox is a lot more likely to object to bad code.

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