Heres a few examples of what I would like to accomplish:

Now I have my own ideas how this was created but mainly I am not able to re create these websites myself.
What I am looking for in the website is the backgroun layout how the website is given inside another website.
How have this been accomplished frames, ajax, ???
Because I very much doubt they incorporate ajax?
Yet they have backgrounds that are stunning!!!
Which I desire!!!

So let me know.

Thanks, Regards X

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All can be done with CSS by partialy putting all elements and nesting them within the div container.


Ya sorry forgot to add tha tto my post (frames are bad!).

I heard the CSS with div tags possible you could care to explain?

At the moment I am trying to use div tags and I have the border down and now in the middle how am I meant to get the navigation bar and the main screen?

Using div tags? I thought this was only possible with frames?

Thanks, Regards X

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