Here are a few examples:

Now I dont know what is the name for it?
(anyone help me with the offical name, much appreciated)

What I have analysed is that it is a image broken into 4 parts, top right, bottom and left.
Then within those border images are the navigation bar and the content.

Combined images to make a nice border affect.
Now how is this achieved?

Also achieved is the centering of the 'box' also?
This is an affect I would like to achieve also.

If someone could give me an empty box tutorial, code, etc.
It would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Regards X

It's just a bunch of divs nested together with an external CSS file. You should be able to view the source code and see how it is done. You'll also want to look at the css file to see how the elements have been styled. It's all there.

I have done that but there are still missing parts that I cannot get around :(

Ill just work off the website's code and hope for the best...

Works for me in FF3...

cross browser problems, that leaves me with more than enough to chew on, but if it is positioning problems here are some things to be known: use margins AND padding (IE only does margins), I posted a compatible centering code here( the last post on the page ). As buddylee said, it was a bunch of nested divs.